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Results Oriented Skincare

We believe that skincare begins where the seeds go in. Plants, fruit and skincare science go hand and hand. What you put in your body is a reflection of what you get on the outside, but it's equally important to treat your skill well from the outside. Our revolutionary products utilize the safest and latest ingredients combined with technology to achieve noticeable results in your skin safely and effectively.


Papaya Enzyme Care:

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"Invest in your Skin."

— Beauté Dejour



Chicago native Kayla Curtis is passionate about beauty, health and skin. You know the saying "Momma knows best!" Well let just say a lot of the inspiration for Doux came from her. Kayla was raised on a steady diet of your average traditional American dishes. Her grandfather was big on grilling and eating meats and unhealthy foods. When her grandfather died of heart disease in 1998, at a young age she made a shift to her diet and health. While eating well did not necessarily change the results of her skin no matter the products she tried. It wasn't until her mother's health shifted along with her daily habits that she knew she need to do something about not only the foods she ate, but also what she applied to her skin. Dissatisfied with the shelved products we spend so much money on with harmful toxins that could create severe skin issues, she decided to create her own.