Doux Facial Oil (Pre-order)

Doux Facial Oil (Pre-order)


.50 fl.oz

What It Is:

Add an extra layer of luscious moisture to dry, dull skin with this nurturing hydrator infers with Jojoba, Calendula, Rosemary & Jasmine Oils. The lightweight formal absorbs quickly, to leave skin glowing - never greasy.

What’s Inside:

hydrating facial oil ( calendula oil provides anti-inflammatory properties to soothe calm and nurture the skin. Rosemary Lead Extract provides antioxidant benefits as well as helping to invigorate microcirculation. Vitamin , which is a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin from aging free radical and environmental assaults.

How to Use :

AM/PM Massage only a few drops over a cleanses face and neck until absorbed

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